18.1.2004 - Being Different - BBC World Service radio series on disability
can now be heard on line at:

Being Different is a series of four programmes exploring the experience of people with disability around the world, to share their insights into living with a disability, the prejudice they have to overcome and their recipe for success.

16.1.2004 Superfest XXIV Call for Entries
CDT'S annual International Media Festival on Disabilities seeks entries of works about disability or by mediamakers with a disability. Winners will be screened in the SF Bay Area. Final entry deadline: January 31, 2004. For more information, visit:

20.11.2003 eAccessibility by Voice: VOICE Recognition supporting people with hearing or other disabilities (Italy, 24-25 November 2003)

1.12.2003 Projet Voice
pour soutenir la VOIX des sourds par une action de sensibilisation aux potentialités des systèmes de reconnaissance de la VOIX

5.12.2003 British Film institute and Disability Equality in Education Collaboration.

5.12.2003 BBC a discuté le manifeste d'Athènes au groupe du handicap de la BBC