European Association of Communication Agencies

Standardisation Requirements for Access to Digital TV and Interactive Services by Disabled People Prepared - Interim Report to CENELEC on TV for All - Gerry Stallard (pdf / txt)

Disabling Imagery And The Media - An Exploration of the Principles for Media Represenations of Disabled People - Colin Barnes (pdf / txt)

EACA calls for greater co-operation between agencies & disabled organisations (doc / txt)

Positive Action on Disability - Manifesto 2002 (doc / txt)

The Representation Of Learning Disability In The Journalistic Language - Gioia Feliziani (doc / txt)

Subtitling and communicative barriers - Silvana Baroni (FEPEDA) (doc / txt)

How To Get Coverage - Top 10 Tips - Richard Garlik (doc / txt)