Why Endorse?

This declaration was adopted and signed by more than 400 individuals who work within national and European mainstream media, disability organisations and government authorities responsible for the media, at the European Congress on Media & Disability, June 16-17th, 2003 in Athens.

By endorsing this declaration, these individuals expressed their commitments to the issues stated in the declaration, which they will take back to their organisations and use as the basis for actions to be taken within their own media organisations, specifically in terms of the portrayal of people with disabilities in the media, the employment of professionals with disabilities, and the integration of technological features that will ensure the access to the media for people with disabilities.

Reasons to Endorse this Declaration:

• Today, up to 10 percent of your audience is disabled, 50 million people in an enlarged European Union
• Media have the role of reflecting the social diversity of its audience
• A more positive portrayal of disability in the media will attract a wider audience, and improve the overall quality of the content of your programmes
• A more accurate representation of disability could change the image of people with disabilities in the society
• Disabled people are under-represented in the media industry today
• More employment of professionals with disabilities in the media will improve the quality of media companies as employers
• An accessible media, with technological features that ensure access to media to all, would also attract a wider audience

Think Disability, It makes Sense!