The main goal of the Disability and Media website is to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the mass media today, including television, fiction, news, and advertisements.

Disabled People represent 10% of the population, an audience of 50 million people in the enlarged European Union. Despite the importance of this potential market, most of the times disabled people are invisible in the media, simply forgotten, as if they did not exist or they were not a full part of society.

Media and advertising are one of the most powerful tools to change attitudes and mentalities in society, to overcome stereotypes, fear and prejudice. Therefore, by increasing and improving the image of disability in advertising, press, screen and air, media will actively contribute to an effective integration of people with disabilities in all fields of life.

The Media and Disability website is an additional a tool for the exchange of information and best practices between mainstream media professionals, advertising experts, disability specific media and disabled people.
It is also an interactive instrument to improve co-operation and effective participation of professionals with disabilities to the production of the different images, shows, articles, news items and advertisements.

This website was established following the well-attended European Congress on Media and Disability, which took place on 14-16 June 2003 in Athens, Greece. The Congress, organised within the framework of the Greek Presidency of the European Union over the first half of 2003, the European Year of People with Disabilities 2003, was co-organised by the Minister of Health and Welfare of the Hellenic Republic, the European Commission, and in partnership with the Greek National Confederation of Disabled People and the European Disability Forum.